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After you've received an air cleaning service, it's important to continue to maintain the pure air in your home. Air Quality Services sells and installs air purification products to keep the air in your home safe and clean.

We sell electrostatic permanent filters and UV light purification systems in Galloway, Hamilton & Egg Harbor Township, NJ and the surrounding areas. Your purchase of an air purification product will also come with an air purification system installation service. We'll efficiently install your new air purification system and make sure it's properly working.

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Top benefits of UV light purification systems

Top benefits of UV light purification systems

UV lights are installed in your HVAC system to help keep your indoor air clean and safe. Installing a UV light is great for your air quality because it:


  • Kills bacteria, germs and viruses
  • Controls mold and allergens
  • Limits smells and odors
  • Reduces maintenance requirements
  • Maintains a cleaner HVAC unit







You can start experiencing these benefits by contacting us to set up an air purification installation service now.